Jin Developer Documentation

Welcome! At Jin Labs we are building a Layer 1 for everyone. This documentation will help you develop applications for the Jin Network run nodes, and be a part of the blossoming Jin community. This documentation covers both basic and advanced topics. Here you will find concepts, how-to guides, quickstarts, tutorials, API references, code examples, release notes, and more.

Set up the Aptos environment and start with the tutorials

Run Aptos nodes

Ask questions and offer answers

Join Jin Network Discord to speak with developers and hop into the Jin community. It's the best way to keep up to date with news and developments in the Jin universe. Be sure to check pinned messages in the channels - this is where we like to keep topic-specific links, events, and more.

Or even if you just want to stop by to say "Have a nice day!". There's a little something for everyone!


It's dangerous to go alone. Please remember, community managers will never message or DM you first, and they will never ask you to send them money or share any sensitive, private, or personal information. If this happens to you, please report it to us in Jin Network Discord, or by sending an email to jinnetwork.team@gmail.com

Join us

Want to join a great team working on amazing world-scale problems? Take a look at active roles, and come build with us!

Or simply create a pull request to make updates and file issues to report problems.

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